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Sportelle by Michas Group

«SPORTELLE» targets a clientele of classic and sports women from medium to high-end, aged 15 years and over.

The origin of the project is the result of several years of experience in the sports industry. The desire to have their own brands and lines of apparel, equipment and footwear of sports. “MICHAS GROUP Inc.” is a developer of Apparel, Equipment and footwear of sports.

“SPORTELLE” represents a collection of Apparel, equipment and footwear of sports specialized exclusively for women. The collection will be first designed for the disciplines of running, cycling and swimming. It will target a clientele of classic and sports women from medium to high-end, aged 15 years and over. The apparel line is designed according to the climate needs and after sport. No compromise will be made between fashion and performance. Each year, the objective of their experienced designers is to create more attractive and powerful line of products.

With their experience in international development in different regions of the globe, they can easily establish a distribution network through retail outlets.

The design will be Canadian, samples are assembled in Canada.
In order to produce the best possible cost, production will be made in South America and Asia.

“SPORTELLE” will also be selling their products online.

2014 Fred Barry, Laval
Qc, H7S 1V2

(T) 514-965-1737
(F) 450 975 1737 Fax
Toll free : 1877 926 0434

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