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Salwa Al Katrib
(17 September 1953 – 2 March 2009)

Salwa Al Katrib was a Lebanese singer best known for her roles in Emerald Princess and Mountain Girl (Bent Al Jabal). She was the wife of Nahi Lahoud and the mother of aspiring Lebanese actress and singer Aline Lahoud. She enjoyed most of her fame in the theatrical circle in Lebanon and the Arab World from the 1974s to the 2005 s,and died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 2009.


Salwa Al Katrib was born the 17th of September 1953 in Askala (Tripoli), Lebanon, to a family of musicians. The thought of being involved in theater work was far from reality until she was discovered by Lebanese director Romeo Lahoud.

She plays in “Singog Singof” with Georgina Rizk and Tony Hanna in 1975. She won many awards throughout her career. Subsequently, in 1975 Said Akl awarded Katrib for her acting and singing abilities.

She plays in 12 musicals under the direction of Romeo Lahoud: “Bint el Jabal” with Antoine Kerbage in 1977, Then with Melhem Barakat in “Amira Zmorrod”.

In 1979,she sings with Elie Choueri in ” Oxygene”.

In 1980, she plays “Yasmine” with Abdo Yaghi.

In 1982, she was “Superstar” with Alec Khalaf.

In 1983, she plays in “Hikayat Amal” with Ghassan Saliba and Elias Elias.

The artistic director of the French singer Serge Lama proposed to Salwa Katrib to become an international star in France and USA, but she refused because she didn’t want to leave Lebanon.

In 1985, she was the star on “Al Hilm el Talett” and she performed at the festival of Bosra in Syria, and at the festival of Timgad in Algeria.

She sung more than 150 songs composed by Romeo Lahoud, Zaki Nassif, Toufic Bacha, Elie Choueri, Elias Rahbani and Melhem Barakat.

She won in 1989 a “Special Award oh Appreciation” from the mayor of Los Angeles.

In 1987, she won the “Jarash Event First Prize” and the Jordanian government’s promotion and prestige.

In 1996, she won the first prize of the Gold Eagle in Abu Dhabi for her song “Zikrayate”. Her last appearance on TV was with Nishan in “Maestro” (2005).

She also won the Murex d’Or in 2005 and in 2009.

King Hussein of Jordan, presidents Camille Chamoun, Amine Gemayel, and Elias Hrawi were her most famous supporters.

Mohamad Abelwahab the great Egyptian composer asked her to sing his famous “Anta Omri”. In 2006, she decided to stop singing because she was astonished by the degradation of the artistic situation in Lebanon.

She died on the 4th of March 2009. She was 55 years old. Salwa Katrib is one of the famous star singers in Lebanon and Arab countries. President Michel Suleiman honored her by giving her the golden medal of the Lebanese republic. She was married to Nahi Lahoud her producer and artistic director. Aline Lahoud her daughter is now a famous star singer in Lebanon. Actually her husband Nahi Lahoud is preparing a film relating the artistic life of Salwa Katrib.



Singof Singof : 1974
Bint El Jabal : 1977
Amira Zomrod : 1978
Ismal bi Albi : 1978
Oxygene : 1979
Yasmine : 1980
Superstar : 1982
Hikayat Amal : 1983
Helm Thalett : 1985
Bint El Jabal : 1988
Yasmine : 1998


Alwane 1975 (Tele Liban with Riad Charara)
Layali Sheherazade 1979 (Tele Liban with Georges Chalhoub)
Salwa Show 1 1984 (Tele Liban with Ghassan Saliba)
Independence Day 1984 (Tele Liban with Raymonde Anghelopoulo)
Salwa show 2 1985 (Tele Liban with Ferial Karim)
Studio 86 1986 (Jordan TV)
Women in the Independence 1994 (LBC)
The Eyes of Christmas 1996 (Tele Liban)
Jerash Festival 1987 (Jordanian Television with Abdo Yaghi & Alain Merheb)
Byblos Festival 1987 1992-1998 (LBC)
Sahrate Charqiah 1988 (LBC)
Tyr Festival 1991 (Mashrek TV with Nadim Berberi)
Special Evening 1993 (Tele Liban with Romeo Lahoud)
Sahra Gheir Chikil 1993 (Tle Liban)
Doyouf El Sabett 1985 (LBC with Simon Asmar)
Al Leyl il maftouhh 1997 (Futur TV)
Maestro 2005 (NTV with Aline Lahoud & Nichan)
Sini aan sini 1997 (MTV with Hyam Abouchedid)
Army Day 2001 (LBC with Maggy Aoun)

Awards & Distinctions

Prix Said Akl 1976
Key of Alger 1984
Jerash Art Appreciation 1987
Award of Appreciation LA 1989
Scoop d’Or 1987
Gold Medal Independence 1991
Gold Eagle of Arab Song 1996
Gold Medal of the Army 2001
Murex d’Or 2005
Medaille d’or du merite libanais 2009
Murex d’or 2009
Award of Appreciation from Amchit Municipality (2009)
Award of Appreciation from Balamand University (2010)
Award of Appreciation from Arts & Music Institute (2011)
Award of Appreciation from Saint-Coeurs College (2011)


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