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Nine Lebanese banks among Top 1000 banks in the world.
The Banker indicated that it changed its methodology this year and started to use the disclosed Tier One capital for banks that began implementing the Basel III framework. It noted that Basel III has clarified the rules about capital calculations, which previously varied widely across banks and jurisdictions.In its 2015 survey of the Top 1000 commercial banks in the world, the Banker magazine included nine Lebanese banks on the list, up from eight banks last year, none of which ranked among the top 25 banks in the Middle East. The list included Société Générale for the first time.

The aggregate Tier One capital of the nine Lebanese banks totaled $12.69bn at the end of 2014, constituting a rise of 12.1% from $11.3bn end-2013. In comparison, the Tier One capital of the Top 1000 banks grew by 4.3% year-on-year, while that of the banks in the Middle East rose by 7.2%. Byblos Bank’s Tier One capital-to-assets ratio reached

7.9% at the end of 2014, posting the highest such ratio among Lebanese banks in five out of the past six years. Also, Byblos Bank’s ratio outperformed the nine Lebanese banks’ combined Tier One capital-to-assets ratio of 7.3% and the Top 1000 banks’ aggregate ratio of 6.1% at end-2014.

Tier One Capital-to-Assets Ratio at end-2014 (%) Bank Audi’s Tier One capital reached $2.64bn at the end of 2014 and accounted for 20.8% of the aggregate Tier One capital of the nine Lebanese banks included in the 2015 survey.

It was followed by BLOM Bank with $2.28bn or 18% of the total, Byblos Bank with $1.5bn (11.8%), Fransabank with $1.44bn (11.4%), Bank of Beirut with $1.2bn (9.5%), BankMed with $1.17bn (9.2%), Société Générale de Banque au Liban with $947m (7.5%), Banque Libano-Française with $875m (6.9%) and Crédit Libanais with $637.6m (5%).

Ranked globally

  • Bank Audi (343rd) ,
  • BLOM Bank (377th),
  • Byblos Bank (506th),
  • Fransabank (520th),
  • Bank of Beirut (570th),
  • BankMed (582nd),
  • Société Générale (665th),
  • Banque  Libano-Française (698th)
  • Crédit Libanais (836th).

The cumulative pre-tax profits of the nine Lebanese banks reached $2bn in 2014, up by 9% from the preceding year, and compared to a 7.8% increase in the gross earnings of the Top 1000 banks. The ratio of pre-tax profits-to-Tier One capital of the Lebanese banks reached 16.1% in 2014, down from 16.6% a year earlier, and compared to 14.37% for the Top 1000 banks. The nine Lebanese banks accounted for 0.18% of the Tier One capital of the Top 1000 banks, for 0.15% of their total assets and for 0.2% of their aggregate pre-tax profits.

They also accounted for 4.7% of the Tier One capital of banks in the Middle East, for 7.1% of their total assets and for 5.4% of their aggregate per-tax profits.

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