Thursday , September 21 2017


I was driving back home from Plattsburgh ( NY ) to Montreal .

On the Canadian border I gave my Canadian passport to the officer in charge , She opened it and found out that I was born in Beirut, Lebanon.

How is Lebanon? She asked
Fine and pray G-d to keep it safe.

How long have you been in Canada ?
Around 35 years.

When did you last visit Lebanon?
Six years ago.

She looked at me with a smile and asked:
Where do you like more Lebanon or Canada?

I looked at her and in a little silence I replied :
There is a difference between Lebanon and Canada, the same difference between a mother and a wife ..
The wife we choose and we want her beauty and her love but if I get married to the most beautiful woman in the world she will never let me forget my mother. We don’t chose our mother, our love to our mother has another feeling.

She closed my passport and began to look at me with something of wonder and said:
I hear a lot about the political and security conditions.
What do you like in Lebanon?
I told her : What do you mean?
What do I like in my mother?

She smiled and said: Let it be your mother!
I replied: I love my childhood, my memories, the smell of the ocean and the air of the mountains, I like the good people of Lebanon.

She continues asking:
Thirty five years and you still have the nostalgia rest in your heart and you still remember the memories ?
I replied to her:
If I forget, the places will always remind me of every memory of every single street, restaurant, movies, the shade of a tree , etc…
If I forget, my mother will never forget.

She put my passport aside and said:
I visited Lebanon years ago and did not see what you are describing to me .
I looked in her eyes and said :
You visited Lebanon, which is located in the Middle East but for me Lebanon is located in the Middle of my heart.

She gave me my passport and said:
I hope your pledge to Canada is like your loyalty to Lebanon.

I grabbed my passport and I pointed out to her, saying:
Between me and Canada there is loyalty, trust and pledge that was taught to me by my mother.

And left!!!

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