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Lebanese in Colombia


Lebanese Colombians are of Lebanese ancestry. Most of them escaped to Colombia during  the Turkish Ottoman Empire.  They were classified as Turks because Lebanon was a territory of the Turkish Empire.

Colombian of Lebanese descent are estimated of 700,000 of Lebanese.

Most  of them settled in the cities of  Santa Marta, Lorica, Fundacion, Avapel, Calamar, Cienaga, Cerete, Monteria and others in Ocana, Cucuta, Ibague, Giradot, Pereira, Soata,  Neiva, Cali, Buga , Chaparral, and Chinacota.

The four major hubs of Lebanese population were present in Barranquilla, Cartagena, Bucaramanga, Bogotá, Medellin and Cali.

Most of them were Christian Lebanese and others were Muslims.

In the 1940s, another wave of Lebanese immigrants came to Colombia, settling in the town of Maicao in northern Colombia. They were mostly Muslims and were attracted by the thriving commerce of the town which was benefiting from the neighboring Venezuelan oil bonanza and the usual contraband of goods that flowed through the Guajira Peninsula.

This is a list of famous Lebanese Colombian .

Beauty pageant contestants

  • Valerie Dominguez Tarud – Miss Colombia 2005
  • Adriana Tarud – Miss Colombia 2004
  • Paola Turbay – Miss Colombia 1991
  • Tatiana Vargas – Miss Colombia 2008


  • Carolina Guerra – Actress, model, singer and presenter.
  • Javier Jattin – Professional Colombian actor
  • John Leguizamo – Colombia actor (maternal grandfather was Lebanese)
  • Laura de Leon Cespedes – Actrees and presenteer
  • Majida Issa- Actress
  • Veronica Orozco – Actress, singer and model
  • Yuly Ferreira- Actress
  • Zharick Leon – Actress and model


  • Agmeth Escaf – Caracol TV Presenter
  • Diana Turbay – journalist (daughter of Julio César Turbay Ayala)
  • Claudia Bahamon – RCN Presenter and Model
  • Linda Palma – Caracol TV Presenter
  • Ana Karina Soto – RCN Presenter
  • Andrea Serna – RCN Presenter and Model
  • Paola Calle – Presenter and Model
  • Siad Char – Caracol TV Presenter and Model


  • Salomon Hakim- neurosurgeon


  • Adriana Lucia – singer
  • Naty Botero – singer
  • Shakira – singer
  • Soraya– singer


  • Jairo Clopatofsky  – Ex-senator
  • Jose David Name – Senator
  • Jose Name Teran – Former senator
  • Gabriel Turbay
  • Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala – former president of Colombia
  • Claudia Turbay Quintero – Diplomat and Journalist


  • Mauricio Haddad  – former tennis player
  • Faryd Mondragon, professional football player
  • Fuad Reveiz, former American football player
  • Alberto Rujana, professional football manager
  • Radamel Falcao Garcia, professional football player

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