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Michel Miguel Elias Tamer Lulia , born September 23, 1940) is a Brazilian lawyer and politician who has been Vice President of Brazil  since January 2011. He took office after standing as the running mate of Workers’ Party candidate Dilma Rousseff in the 2010 election. He is also the President of the Brazilian Democratic ...

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Middle East Airlines – Air Liban S.A.L, more commonly known as Middle East Airlines (MEA), is the national  Lebanese carrier. It operates scheduled international flights to  Asia, Europe, the Middle East from its base at Rafic Hariri International Airport. History Middle East Airlines was founded on 31 May 1945 by Saeb Salam and ...

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ZIAD ABOULTAIF Ziad is a reflection of the political, business and cultural fabric of the Edmonton Manning constituency. He is a successful business owner, devoted member of multiple community boards, and a strong advocate for live organ donations. He has travelled the world on international business commitments representing Canadian values ...

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“LOUBNAN CITIES & VILLAGES” BTERRAM – KOURA Bterram is a beautiful village located in Koura district of Lebanon . History of Bterram Bterram is very rich in old civilizations and the oldest goes back to the Middle Paleolithic Ages, which was a hundred thousand years ago.  Many expeditions have found artifacts from ...

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LEBANESE IN COLOMBIA Lebanese Colombians are of Lebanese ancestry. Most of them escaped to Colombia during  the Turkish Ottoman Empire.  They were classified as Turks because Lebanon was a territory of the Turkish Empire. Colombian of Lebanese descent are estimated of 700,000 of Lebanese. Most  of them settled in the cities of  Santa Marta, Lorica, Fundacion, ...

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Baroody Group S.A.L

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Baroody Group S.A.L Is a sister company to Baroody Bros & Co, established in 1912. For Nearly 100 Years, we remain committed to our tradition of exclusively representing multinational companies in the Levant region. Today, we specialize in the distribution of sports, cosmetics and luxury brands. BAROODY GROUP S.A.L. BAROODY ...

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Michas Group inc.

Michas Group Logo - Loubnan Online

MICHAS GROUP INC Michel Hassoun is the founder and CEO of “MICHAS GROUP INC.” Michel Hassoun has over forty years of responsible, comprehensive experience – with accent upon marketing background – executive management – Dealing with well-known manufacturers and negotiating distribution contracts involved with prestigious specialty lines and targeting major ...

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