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Phoenicia Hotel Beirut  The Phoenicia Hotel Beirut is a historic 5-star luxury hotel situated in the Minet El Hosn neighborhood. It is located near the  Beirut Corniche promenade and walking-distance from Beirut Central District. The Phoenicia is part of the worldwide Inter Continental Hotels chain History The Phoenicia Hotel was built by the ...

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  BEIRUT SOUKS The Beirut Souks is the central commercial district in Downtown Beirut. The  Beirut souks  have historically been at the commercial heart of  Beirut.  They sustained irreparable destruction during the 1975-1989 civil war. The souks were rebuilt by “Solidere” by maintaining the landmarks and kept the original street names. History ...

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LOUBNAN TOURISM THE JEITA GROTTO The Jeita Grotto are caves of nearly 9 kms. They are located in the locality of Jeita, 18 Kms north of Beirut. The  lower cave was discovered by  Reverend William Thomson in 1836. The caves can only be visited by boat since it channels an ...

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