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The Lebanese Lira (Arabic: ليرة / lira; French: livre) is the currency unit of Lebanon. The plural form of lira, as used on the currency, is either lirat (ليرات) or the same, whilst there are four forms for qirsh: the dualqirshan (قرشان), the plural qirush (قروش) used with numbers 3–10, the accusative ...

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LEBANESE FUND TO INVEST IN CUBA The Lebanese-Cuban Businessmen’s Council is preparing to launch a $250 million investment fund, immediately after the removal of the American embargo on Cuba, which is expected on October 27. The fund will be in partnership with Lebanese banks. Negotiations are underway and Fransabank is ...

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LOUBNAN FINANCIAL Nine Lebanese banks among Top 1000 banks in the world. The Banker indicated that it changed its methodology this year and started to use the disclosed Tier One capital for banks that began implementing the Basel III framework. It noted that Basel III has clarified the rules about ...

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  BEIRUT SOUKS The Beirut Souks is the central commercial district in Downtown Beirut. The  Beirut souks  have historically been at the commercial heart of  Beirut.  They sustained irreparable destruction during the 1975-1989 civil war. The souks were rebuilt by “Solidere” by maintaining the landmarks and kept the original street names. History ...

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