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Lebanese in Colombia

LEBANESE IN COLOMBIA Lebanese Colombians are of Lebanese ancestry. Most of them escaped to Colombia during  the Turkish Ottoman Empire.  They were classified as Turks because Lebanon was a territory of the Turkish Empire. Colombian of Lebanese descent are estimated of 700,000 of Lebanese. Most  of them settled in the cities of  Santa Marta, Lorica, Fundacion, ...

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LEBANESE ANCESTRY IN CUBA This is a list of notable individuals born in Cuba of Lebanese ancestry or people of Lebanese and Cuban dual nationality who live or resided in Cuba. Athletes. YAMIL CHADE– Lebanese-Cuban sports manager Yamil Chade (born c. 1921 – died April 25, 2009) was a part ...

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CATHEDRALE NOTRE DAME DU LIBAN DE PARIS Historique La cathédrale Notre-Dame-du-Liban est un édifice religieux de l’Église maronite pour le culte catholique oriental de tradition syriaque antiochienne. Elle est située 15-17 rue d’Ulm à Paris, dans l’enceinte de l’Institut Curie et rattachée au foyer franco-libanais ainsi qu’à l’éparchie Notre-Dame du ...

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The Armenians in Lebanon are Lebanese citizens of Armenian descent. Their presence in Lebanon goes back for centuries and form approximately 5% of the Lebanese population. History of Armenians in Lebanon Armenians first established contact with Lebanon when Tigranes the Great conquered Phoenicia from the Seleucids and made it part of his ...

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ANFEH, KOURA DISTRICT Anfeh, is a Antiochian Orthodox village in the Koura district of the North Governorate of Lebanon at Latitude 34°21’0″N and Longitude 35°44’0″E. Anfeh borders the villages of chekka, Al-Qalamoun, barghoun and zakroun. It is located 65 Kilometers north of Beirut and 15 Kilometers south of Tripoli. Its ...

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