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Michel Miguel Elias Tamer Lulia , born September 23, 1940) is a Brazilian lawyer and politician who has been Vice President of Brazil  since January 2011. He took office after standing as the running mate of Workers’ Party candidate Dilma Rousseff in the 2010 election. He is also the President of the Brazilian Democratic ...

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LEBANESE  IN VENEZUELA A Lebanese Venezuelan is a Venezuelan citizen of Lebanese origin or descent. There are around 800,000 Venezuelans of Lebanese origin. Venezuela has one of the largest Lebanese populations in the Americas. Migration history Lebanese immigration to Venezuela started as early as the 19th and 20th centuries. They ...

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Lebanese nationality law

Lebanese nationality law Lebanese nationality is based on the principle of  Jus sanguinis, transmitted by way of the father. However, this gives the right to Lebanese to transmit citizenship to their children and foreign wives only if entered in the Civil Acts Register in the Republic of Lebanon. Under the ...

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LOUBNAN OVERSEAS Lebanese living outside Lebanon are between Ten to Fifteen Million compared to approximately Five Million living inside Lebanon. The Americas have long been a destination for Lebanese migration, with Lebanese arriving in some countries at least as early as the nineteenth century. The largest concentration of Lebanese is ...

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LEBANESE IN COLOMBIA Lebanese Colombians are of Lebanese ancestry. Most of them escaped to Colombia during  the Turkish Ottoman Empire.  They were classified as Turks because Lebanon was a territory of the Turkish Empire. Colombian of Lebanese descent are estimated of 700,000 of Lebanese. Most  of them settled in the cities of  Santa Marta, Lorica, Fundacion, ...

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Loubnan Online - CILCS

C.I.L.C.S Fawaz AlMunayer (Cris) RCIC , B Com Head of Immigration Dep. for Romano Law Firm Business Consultant (Entrepreneurial Mgmnt) Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Member of ICCRC Memeber of CAPIC INT. +1(647) 69C-ILCS (24572) Skype ID: immigratetocanada Head Office C.I.L.C.S. Canada Inc 407 Speers Road, Oakville, ON, L6H 2Z7 3T5 ...

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