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L’ORIENT – LE JOUR L’Orient-Le Jour est un quotidien indépendant, né le 15 juin 1971 de la fusion des deux plus influents quotidiens Libanais de langue française, L’Orient (fondé à Beyrouth en 1924 par Gabriel Khabbaz et Georges Naccache) et Le Jour (fondé en 1934 par Michel Chiha) ; il a ouvert ...

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Marché Adonis

Loubnan Online - ADONIS

Adonis Group In 1976 brothers, Elie and Jamil Cheaib arrived in Montreal with their friend Georges Ghrayeb. Originally, from Damour, a coastal town in Lebanon, they are entrepreneurs at heart and certainly have a good head for business. Although being newcomers to the country, the Cheaib brothers were not new ...

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La grâce des fleurs

Loubnan Online - La grace des fleurs

La grâce des fleurs Let those rare occasions be memorable ones, because they only arrive from time to time. Allow La Grace Des Fleurs to help make those memories good ones, leaving a lasting feeling of warmth and joy in your hearts. At La Grace Des Fleurs, we strive to ...

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Baroody Group S.A.L

Baroody Group Logo - Loubnan Online

Baroody Group S.A.L Is a sister company to Baroody Bros & Co, established in 1912. For Nearly 100 Years, we remain committed to our tradition of exclusively representing multinational companies in the Levant region. Today, we specialize in the distribution of sports, cosmetics and luxury brands. BAROODY GROUP S.A.L. BAROODY ...

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La pistacherie

Loubnan Online - La Pistacherie

La Pistacherie Specialized in the roasting of a large variety of nuts, La Pistacherie provides an outstanding quality of nuts that are roasted on the oriental way. By introducing this process of roasting, we are listed as one of the best nuts industries in North America. In addition to nuts, ...

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Village foods

Loubnan Online - Village foods

Village Foods Villagefoods is a Montreal, Canada based company dealing in manufacturing, packaging and distributing of food products. A dynamic, food supplier, we cover national and international food sectors. Based in Montreal, Canada this gives the company a unique cutting edge factor. Montreal a food capital, and Canada strong world ...

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Loubnan Online - Flexipak

Flexipak Industries Inc. Flexipak Industries Inc. is a full-service, vertically-integrated, industry-leading flexible packaging company that delivers high-quality, state-of-the-art and forward-thinking packaging solutions for the twenty-first century and beyond. 5020 Bd ThimensSaint-Laurent, QC H4R 2B2 514-335-0001 1-888-801-9564 (F) 514-335-3111

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Marimac Group

Loubnan Online - Marimac Group

Marimac Group The Marimac Group has become a one of the fastest growing manufacturers and distributors through creativity, flexibility, innovation, and low cost production. 6395 Cote De Liesse Saint-laurent Qc H4T 1E5 (T) 514-376-7882 (T) 514-376-0801

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Aliments Select Intl.

Loubnan Online - Aliments Select

Aliments Select Aliment Select inc. is proud to offer to his clients a high quality of distribution and services. All our clients can count on a reliable, efficient and prompt service from the moment you call our offices until you receive your marchandise. 9501 Boul. ParkwayAnjou, Qc H1J 1P3 (T) ...

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Michas Group inc.

Michas Group Logo - Loubnan Online

MICHAS GROUP INC Michel Hassoun is the founder and CEO of “MICHAS GROUP INC.” Michel Hassoun has over forty years of responsible, comprehensive experience – with accent upon marketing background – executive management – Dealing with well-known manufacturers and negotiating distribution contracts involved with prestigious specialty lines and targeting major ...

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