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Amchit is a seaside town of Lebanon, about 40 km north of  the capital Beirut.

There are many old churches in Amchit (more than a hundred and some old synagogues)

Demography of Amchit 

Amchit’s population is around 25,000. The majority of the inhabitants are Maronite Christians with a small Muslim Shi’a minority.

Economy of Amchit

Amchit is known for its baskets and mats woven from palm leaves. Olive and citrus fruits are the main agricultural products of the town.

Landmarks of Amchit

The house of Zakhia family where Ernest Renan resided, the French philosopher who lived in Amchit for a long period in the 19th century, can be visited, аs can the tomb of his sister who was buried at St. Marie Church in the Zakhia family Cemetery.Also the house of Raphael Lahoud built in 1838,Gabriel Lahoud and Michel Lahoud.The oldest school in Lebanon of Adib Lahoud.

The Church of Saint George was built on an ancient temple and the altar has both Greek and Arabic inscriptions.  The adjoining churches of Saint Sophie and Saint Stephen retain their ancient vaulted porches and wall paintings. The churches were built on the remains of a Roman temple.

The Church of Saint Nicholas (Mar Zakhia) has medieval wall paintings and was built in the 5th century.
The town is home to Lebanon’s only organized coastal campsite, “Camping Les Colombes”, a place with a history since its beginning in the ’50s. Amchit is also known for its delicious seafood restaurants located on all the coast.

The most popular ones are “Faras El Baher”, “Chez Zakhia”, “Mhanna Sur Mer”, “Le Cap”.

Famous people from Amchit

  • Michel Sleiman – President of the Lebanese Republic
  • Charbel Rouhana – singer, composer
  • Marcel Khalife – singer, composer
  • Aline Lahoud – singer and actress
  • Elsa Zgheib – Actress
  • Salwa Al Katrib – stage actress and singer
  • Marwan Khoury – Singer and composer
  • Afifa Karam – Novelist and journalist
  • Sabah Khoury – Basketball player

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