Thursday , September 21 2017
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MICHAS GROUP INC. is specialized in Marketing, Innovative marketing, Communication & Marketing, Holistic Marketing, Advertising & Marketing, Sales & marketing.

We own subsidiaries and control their management.

LOUBNAN ONLINE is one of our many subsidiaries.

LOUBNAN stands for Lebanese Online Union – Business News And Network.

The website constitutes a network between Lebanese companies, groups and individuals all over the word.

Through social media like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, our platform has developed a large number of contacts all over the world.

On Facebook, we have created many social and business groups that are consolidated into one website under the name of

We reach an average of 100 000 members through our 90 groups and our numbers are growing on daily.

The Loubnan Online platform intends to establish a collaboration between Lebanese business companies and individuals all over the world in different business professions and industries such as :

• Advertising

• Agriculture

• Construction

• Distribution

• Franchises

• Health Care

• Jewelry

• Manufacturing

• Media

• Real Estate

• Retail

• Tourism

Each country will have its own pages that will be connected to the Loubnan Online platform.

Each section will be divided in different business categories.

The LOUBNAN ONLINE platform will help you advertise and drive customers to your site and increase leads, sales and awareness of your business.

The LOUBNAN ONLINE platform helps you connect everywhere, combine everything your business needs and attract more leads and turn them into customers.

LOUBNAN ONLINE assists you close more deals, faster than ever.

Our mission is to help you SUCCEED, because we believe in your ideas and dreams.

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